Sr Quality Engineer (Tech)

Project Description

Survey research and behavioral data to understand the attitudes and actions of today’s Connected Consumers – consumers who engage with the digital ecosystem through smartphones, PCs, wearables, smart speakers, and other connected devices.

We integrate the Tech, Media, and Telecom industries largest market intelligence trackers with technology applications and consulting services to impact all facets of an organization’s advertising, marketing, and product strategies.

Core solutions include:
1. Market research via the Tech, Media, and Telecom industry’s largest syndicated research trackers, in addition to qualitative and quantitative custom research offerings
2. Metering App for real-time insights via consumer’s mobile devices
3. Digital Audience Segments focused on consumer tech/telecom-based targets
4. Overnight Polling to capture a "quick-turn pulse"? of the market
5. Predictive Analytics to understand retail sales and product demand estimations

Ours is an application that rewards you for anonymously sharing your mobile device usage as well as your opinions. You can earn cash rewards simply by having the application running in the background on your mobile phone! In addition, you may periodically be invited to participate in surveys or other offers where you can earn even more rewards.

- Earn money every day by allowing our app to collect data on your app and phone usage while running in the background of your device

- In addition to getting paid for running the app, earn cash by responding to various surveys and offers from our partners

- Cash out your earned rewards directly to Paypal for sharing data and for survey participation

- See what networks have the best coverage in the locations you frequent and in your broader metropolitan area


We are looking for a meticulous QA Engineer to contribute to and review the creation of designs for production software, banking as a service. The QA's responsibilities include both software development and testing tasks and focuses on the testability, robustness, and performance of production software. As such, an QA Engineer is a test professional with advanced programming skills who can create automation testing tools and frameworks to assist the manual testing process.
To be successful you should have excellent time management and organizational skills as well as strong communication skills. You should have a passion for designing, development, and testing and the ability to upgrade your technical skills within the constantly changing technology sector.


  • A holistic quality mindset that would allow you to contribute to quality from requirements, to software development process, to full test automation including services and API, and UI.

  • Ability to do automated testing as required and balance the amount of automation required in each context.

  • Experience working with some of the industry standard tools & frameworks (like: SoapUI, Postman, Selenium, pytest, nightwatch, Katalon, Appium, Cucumber, etc.)

  • The ability to craft high end coded tests and scripts using Node.js, Java, Python or NetCore.

  • Capacity of working with data to assert test cases execution or prepare the environment for it.

  • Be able to understand and suggest different types of testing needed for each part of the SDLC: Smoke, Exploratory, E2E, Regression, Performance, Stress, etc

  • Strong computer science foundation.