Project Description

Our client combine immediate funds availability, settlement finality, instant confirmation, and integrated information flows—all in a payment made in seconds. Bringing together speed, data, and communication solves longstanding challenges.

This project Implement Real-time Payments through the Federal government as well though a third-party clearing house. Right now, they only know how to receive the money. The idea is that people can send money through the network from bank account to bank account within seconds.


  • Need to help banks, merchants, and marketplaces get on the network
  • Need to build a platform by which people can get on the network and help manage payments
  • Building the platform Back-End, API, microservices, etc


  • Wide QA SDET experience
  • Able Build code from scratch
  • BDD behavior-driven development
  • Be able to write and come up with negative test cases.
  • Need to understand how to program
  • The platform will be built on Gherkin
  • Planning/designing the testing process
  • Deciding the testing schedule and the test budget
  • Interacting with the development team to ensure that the testing is on track
  • Creating reports that summarise the test results for the development team
  • Creating test cases and test scenarios
  • Reviewing the test to ensure that all the customer requirements are being met
  • Writing scalable and robust frameworks that can be used to automate tests
  • Developing test tools that help testers
  • Ensuring that the product is robust, reliable, and scalable


  • Payment in USD.
  • Free credentials for e-learning platforms.
  • Remote workshops & activities.
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