Senior Full-stack Engineer (Any Techs) – open application

Truelogic is a leading provider of nearshore staff augmentation services, located in New York. Our team of 500 tech talents is driving digital disruption from Latin America to the top projects in U.S. companies. Truelogic has been helping companies of all sizes to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Would you like to make innovation happen? Have you ever dreamed of building Products that impact millions of users? Nice! Then we have a seat for you on our team!

We are looking for engineers with the following qualifications:

  • 5+ years working on software development professionally.
  • The ability to craft quality code and expose it through Rest API’s, event streams or queues using Node.js, Java, Python or NetCore
  • The ability to create well responsive, accessible and performant web interfaces managed by clean UI code using a modern framework (React, Vue, Angular)
  • Solid experience with the standard tech stack for your technology of choice (like: express, Sails, Hapi, Spring, Redux, MobX, etc)
  • Experience with containerized application development (Docker).
  • Experience working with applications and services on the public cloud, AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Strong computer science foundation.

We'll be excited to reach out to you if also know:

  • How to work with containerization-related technologies like Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, AWS ECS or AWS ECR.
  • How to create or work in a distributed architecture using MicroServices and platforms like Eureka, AWS Kinesis, Kafka, and others.
  • Unstructured data storage (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, DocumentDB)
  • How to set up and maintain a CI environment to enable continuous delivery