DevOps, Sr. DevOps Engineer (Terraform)

Project Description

We are searching for a DevOps engineer with the experience and desire to create seamless, elegant and reliable automation tools, technologies and infrastructure. If you are passionate about developing something that works as well in a production environment serving millions of users as it does on a developer virtual machine, this is the opportunity for you. DevOps responsibility includes developing and maintaining the frameworks, technology and processes around infrastructure, deployments and services at the company. You will need to understand concepts from base infrastructure and service level architecture to all of the technologies needed to enable various services to intercommunicate in a scalable and reliable fashion.


  • Strong understanding and experience in Linux based systems and applications
  • Design, implement and support infrastructure as code (Terraform, Cloudformation and AWS CLI).
  • Design, implement and support services that deployments leverage to function in various environments (Jenkins, AWS Codepipeline).
  • Support engineers on changes to existing infrastructure and deployment (Embedded Devops function in application deployment teams)
  • Support production deployments and applications (Ability to join a 24/7 on-call support on a rotational basis)


  • Ability to work, collaborate, brainstorm and solve problems in a cross functional environment
  • Sound written and verbal communication skills
  • Self starter with a desire to learn and grow
  • 5+ years combined experience in DevOps and operations roles
  • 5+ years experience with Amazon Web Services
  • 5+ years experience in managing production deployments
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