Data, Data Engineer (Python/Airflow)

Project Description

The plan is to assign resources dynamically according to needs. This means an engineer may move fluidly across multiple projects if necessary.


We are looking for a senior level engineer with deep Python expertise who can help build an enterprise data lake for clients using highly visual web applications.



Must Have:

1. Strong experience with Big Data and/or emerging data technology tools and methodologies.
2. Proficiency with Python (e.g Pandas) and use in data processing solutions.
3. Prior experience converting Jupyter Notebooks into production processes.
4. Experience with workflow automation tools like Github Actions
5. Experience working in an iterative/incremental development environment.
6. Experience with Airflow, Lambda, and Docker and use in implementing web services.
7. Follow clean coding principles and enjoy working in a Test Driven Design (TDD) environment
8. Experience with Data Visualization tools such as Tableau is a plus.


Nice to Have

Biochemistry domain knowledge